Jodie O’Shea

Providing a bright future for children in need across Bali and Indonesia

Who they are

In the aftermath of the Bali bombing in October 12, 2002, many people wanted to contribute in some way to create a future of opportunities for those who had little. In memory of Jodie O’Shea, who lost her life in the Bali bombing, a compassionate and determined group of people led by Yanto and Alison combined their resources to improve the lives of orphaned or destitute children in Bali

What they do

jos house

Children have a loving environment, healthy diet, education and assistance in their chosen career path to enable them to progress into young responsible adults.

inside jos

Sponsorship for each of the children funds healthcare, education, and daily living activities. Art, computer, dance, music, English, homework assistance and private tutors are provided.

jos group

Jodie O’Shea House currently houses 88 children. The children range in age from 3 to 20 years.

swimming in pool

A volunteer program provides cooking, beading, painting, sports, reading/tutoring, yoga, swimming, surfing and meditation.

What has been achieved with SCF support

SCF sponsors 5 children which provides them with a caring home, healthcare, nutrition, education and activities to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Future Goals

The future holds many opportunities for projects at the orphanage and SCF staff are working with management and volunteers to develop future plans. Check our Facebook page and newsletter for updates! 


  • 100% of your donation goes directly to the projects.
  • SCF is a registered charity with tax deductible status.
  • Funding of projects empowers not-for-profit organisations to support those in need to have a healthier and independent life.